Hello, and welcome to Hera


Anna Geffert, founder and managing director

I set up this business to work with companies I believe in.

To help them grow and thrive.

To combine the PR, Capital Markets, Marketing and Research skillsets honed over the last 13 years into one offer.

To work with brilliant people who enjoy nothing better than problem solving and learning new skills.

So, how does it work?


Deep dive into your business


Having worked across businesses ranging from household names (Hovis, House of Fraser and Tesco), to large and small sector specialists across property, energy, housebuilding, insurance, retail and finance, we know the importance of understanding how a business works, from the boardroom to the buyer.

We have the corporate knowledge and understanding to deep dive into your business objectives and balance sheet.

From this we will help shape or create key messages, cement or build communication channels which reach your target audiences and bring it all together into a wonderful, all singing, all dancing strategy spreadsheet (we ♥ spreadsheets).


Capturing your audience to deliver results


With audiences increasingly distracted, often disengaged and deluged with a wealth of content to capture their attention, it is hard to find ‘cut through’.

But we can do this in a number of ways, such as:

  • The zeitgeist piggy back
  • Multimedia platforms
  • Thought leadership research
  • Voice of Authority strategy
  • Partnerships and political outreach


Minimising risk


Working with the media and directly speaking to your audiences does pose a risk, which is why it is vital to ensure the media you speak to are known and trusted and the messages are clear and thought through.

We are skilled at seeing around corners to ensure that we minimises risk at every juncture. Protecting your brand and business.


Left wanting more?


If you want to hear more, then feel free to Zoom, Whereby, Teams, Google Hangout, Webex, Tweet, Post, Wave, call, email or even pen us a letter. Details of how to contact us are here.

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